Past Tours

Defender of Kitarra Wrap-Up Tour

  Tour Schedule: July 27 - Paige @popthebutterfly July 28 - JP July 29 - Stacie @borenbooks July 30 - Jasmine @thefreckledmind July 31 - Nikki @thereadingrebel August 1 - CE @chelscey August 2 - Anvesha @agirlfromthatworld August 3 - Marizaan @south_african_fangirl August 4 - Andrea Gibb @andrea_gibb_author Book Blurb: A woman hiding from … Continue reading Defender of Kitarra Wrap-Up Tour

The Last King of the Mountain Wrap-Up Tour

  Hey Hoppers! Here's the details for the next tour! Below is the tour schedule and information to post about the book. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you can't post on your assigned date. Please also post to IG, or alternatively, to your blog. If you do post by … Continue reading The Last King of the Mountain Wrap-Up Tour

Storm’s Cloud Wrap-Up Tour

  Tour Schedule: July 13 - Paige @popthebutterfly July 14 - JP July 15 - Stacie @borenbooks July 16 - CE @chelscey July 17 - Anvesha @agirlfromthatworld Storm's Clouds: Stormfall Chronicles Book 2 Release Date: 19 Dec 2019 Print Length: 407 pages Amazon link: Goodreads link: A dragon: the most powerful, destructive and malevolent force known. The … Continue reading Storm’s Cloud Wrap-Up Tour

Waiting Out The Storm Wrap-Up

  June 15 - Paige @popthebutterfly June 16 - JP June 17 - Stacie @borenbooks Waiting Out the Storm is an intimate look at life transitions and how we cope with the unexpected. Reflecting on the sudden loss of a close friend, author Jen Payne looks to the solace of nature for comfort and healing. On the opening pages, … Continue reading Waiting Out The Storm Wrap-Up

A Raven’s Touch Wrap-Up

  Tour Schedule: June 1 - Paige @popthebutterfly June 2 - JP June 3 - Stacie @borenbooks June 4 - Linda @lindabloodworth June 5 - Laura @laurathebookunicorn June 6 - CE @chelscey June 7 - Vicki @ya_lover_and_reader June 8 - Jasmine @thefreckledmind June 9 - Carmilla @carmillavoiez June 10 - Jess @jessatlgirl ***WARNING: This book contains bullying, violence, death, and suicide. Not recommended for those … Continue reading A Raven’s Touch Wrap-Up